Holt Junior Rams Baseball

Coaches Guidelines

A leader who:

  • Maintains a positive attitude.
  • Respects all team players, umpires, opposing coaches/managers and parents.
  • Resolves problems in equitable, fair, and civil manner.
  • Assures that each player who exhibits a commitment to his/her team by attending practices and games on a consistent basis has equal amount of playing time.
  • Challenges each player to reach personal and team goals, and assures that the team is as skillful and competitive as their capabilities will allow.
  • Teaches the team to play like winners and not think of the game of baseball as winning or losing.

An organizer who:

  • Involves parents in practices to supplement coaches' instruction/supervision.
  • Involves parents with concession stand assignments, team snacks, and team events, such as batting cage and sporting events.
  • Facilitates communication between parents, players, and coaches/managers.

A role model who:

  • Refrains from using abusive, derogatory language, especially in the heat of competitive play.
  • Is sensitive to the player's mental, physical and emotional character - the whole person.
  • Acknowledges the umpire's authority, uses tact and good judgement when questioning an umpire's interpretation of the rules, doesn't argue with the umpire's decision at the plate and/or in the field.
  • Acknowledges the skills and extra effort whether it is exercised by their team or the opposition.