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**New coaches and past coaches**

If you have been a coach in the past for Holt Jr Rams Baseball or you want to be considered for being a Head Coach please complete your players online application and select your Volunteer Type as a "head coach, asst. coach or team manager".

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All coaching applications for the current season are due: April 15th

We will be in contact with you. If you are selected as a coach (head or assistant) you must complete concussion training and turn in your certificate upon completion.

All coaches (Head and Assitant) coaches must complete

• Coach's Online Application
• Coach's Background Check (if selected as season coach)
• Concussion Training (online certification) click this link at

In a nutshell, a concussion is a blow or jolt to the head that can change the way your brain normally works. Also called a mild traumatic brain injury, a concussion can result from a car crash, a sports injury, or from a seemingly innocuous fall. Concussion recovery times can vary greatly.

Concussion Training

Thank you!

Holt Jr Rams Baseball coaches are volunteers and parents, all of whom have a great impact on our players' experiences and development. Whether you are the head coach of a team or a parent lending a hand at a practice, Holt Jr Rams Baseball wants to thank you and wants you to be supported in your volunteering.